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Caring...the Hospice Way

Established in 1994, Lakes Area Hospice is a compassionate way of caring for patients with severe illnesses and providing support for their families. The primary emphasis is on the patient's comfort, allowing him or her to remain at home as long as possible. Hospice care is provided by a team of professionals - nurses, home health aides, counselors, chaplains and physicians. This team supports the home care provided by the family on a regularly scheduled basis and is on call on a 24-hour more

Hope...the Texas Way

The HOPE Family is a group of volunteers who hang out at various spots all over the Southeast Texas area. Usually they're seen out with the residents of local communities, having fun, trying to get a smile or maybe a chuckle out of them. Lakes Area Hospice created the Hope Family as a way to educate the public on the benefits of hospice through a positive and cheerful medium and to promote hope through faith based outreach. Our cheerful approach encourages hope and peace at the end of more

Sad News

We are saddened by the death of Sallie Brown's oldest son, Greg. He died last night in Seattle. Please keep Sallie and her family in your prayers....

One of Our Own

On Tuesday, June 18th one of our best friends and strongest supporters died and took with her a piece of our hearts. She had many friends here in Jasper. She has been a volunteer with us longer than any of us can remember. Joyce and her friend, Joan...